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Rob from Project Brainstorm meets Tim Winton and Doctor Karl

The most beautiful thing about life for me is the people that I get to meet along the track and especially those individuals that at random points when the planets are definitely not aligning for me have been the inspiration to keep me walking.

From the long term, on-going perspective my sons Kris and Cameron since their individual entries to this very amazing planet, have both shown me the true meaning of life. I've had the opportunity to be soberly present for all their personal milestones and watched them thrive on the challenges of reaching into manhood as they made their own tracks out into the greater world. I bought them their first musical instruments and they repay that gift one hundred fold by continuing to invite me to listen to them share their songs.

My boys are an ongoing source of inspiration for me as they bring back their stories of what they find out there and share them with me. There was a time when I acted like money and things were more important than love. …

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