Rolle on a Cold Day


The people who control the temperatures via i-Google are talking minus 16 degrees for Lausanne tomorrow. Now for someone who doesn't usually get out of bed before the mercury rises above plus 7, I thought I should at least venture outside today and acclimatise. And that's not too hard to do in Switzerland. It's only a matter of putting on full body thermals, thermal socks, thermal gloves and thermal beanie, and throwing tshirt, Levis, boots and heavy duty North Pole jacket over the top.

The only part I find difficult to keep warm here is my face. But as the girl in the dvd shop said to me last night when I complained about the 'coolness'. 'You've got to harden up old man'.

Still I did get some good photos today while walking around Rolle to harden up. 

Fat chat (French for cat)
Double click on the images to get full screen size. Enjoy.  

Castle in a tree

Fast duck

The beauty of outdoor mirrors

Mirror man

Random stranger

Optical illusion

Angel wings

Big bird

House through a hedge
Boat and castle

No idea


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