The Pully to Lutry Walk - Winter 2010

Sunrise through double glaze doors

This is a blog in between blogs just to let Harvey know that just because he’s at home on the Sunny Coast frolicking in the surf and going on long, languid runs whenever he feels like it (or maybe when it’s not raining), the work is still going in in Lausanne. 
With the sunrise streaming through the double glaze doors this morning I was inspired to get my housework and French lessons done early and hit the pathways. For the first time in three weeks, I went outside sans thermals and could really feel the freedom. There was a slight south easterly on the lake but not enough to splash and certainly smooth enough for the dog walkers to go through their paces. I must admit the conversation was not as lively as normal, Harvey, and the world will have to struggle by until your return. But I did get my fair share of bonjours and smiles which was a bonus. 
With the temperature hovering around ten degrees there was a smell of summer in the breeze but then again that could have been the ducks that froze to death in the ice and snow last week and are now reduced to feathered compost in the corners of pebbled bays. All the same, today, there was more bird life than human life and the ducks look like they have bounced back all the more stronger for their snowy experience. The mountains were happy to be at their majestic best and it was hard to compare the Lutry beach diving board to the big photo on my blog taken four months ago.
Pully from the top of the vineyards
So Harvey catch few hundred extra waves for me and watch out for those power walkers  between Mooloolaba and Alexandria Headlands. When they get up a bit of speed some of them bounce around so much they could be considered a public danger. They certainly would be in Switzerland.

Seagulls near the stream


Power walking, Swiss style

Lone bird



Black snow

Lutry beach
Three bench seats
Walking by the avenue

Seagull statue of remembrance

Evian, France from Pully boat harbour

Recycle bins

The French Alps from the children's playground



  1. Hope you have a lovely white Christmas Rob... at least Christmas will be behaving normally somewhere in the world.
    Love to you and Jodie
    Tracy W XX


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