Pictures at an Exhibition; The Art of the Ocean

Mudjimba Dreaming (Old Woman Island)
Mooloolabah Mediterranean
Rainbow Bay Madness (There's a board rider in there somewhere)
One thing that Jo and I miss equally and the most in Switzerland has got to be the ocean. Sitting here right at this moment it is just so inspiring to look out and see a fifty kilometre stretch of the Pacific Ocean hugging the coastline and reflecting the pale blue of a winter sky. This particular ocean and it’s collective beaches have been a big part of both our lives. It is culturally engrained in our experience and in that way opens us to greater understanding, as it is a place where we can express LIfe, Love and Truth. 
Often described as liquid glass, I love the rapture of her salty tubes as they surround me. Even swimming and body surfing in the lower temperatures of this ‘winter’ season has left me refreshed and wanting more. The ocean is a medium of expression almost without limitation. From a cove exuding eloquent silence only interrupted by a dolphin breaching the surface as it feeds, to a cape resisting the onslaught of cyclonic waves, and every milieu in between, the ocean maintains a persuasive element for mankind. She takes us into, onto and under her surface, to seek out the treasures of mind and heart, to sit in the infinitude of her beating drum and feel her intimate connection to the universe. She feeds us, she calms us, she supports us and she also brings forth skill and courage like no other place on earth can.

Mudjimba looking to Pt Cartwright

Mujimba - a very old beach
In the last few days I have spent some time at the beach with my camera. In particular Mudjimba, Mooloolabah and Rainbow Bay. They are all part of the same ocean but three very different locations expressing the idea of ocean through their individual personalities. Standing on the beach with my camera, reminded me of being in an art gallery with a constantly changing display on the canvas with no two moments the same. I watched the other people on the beach, the casual walkers, the children, the mullet fisherman, the board riders, all captivated by the different images the ocean was projecting for them. From where I stood they reminded me of people in a gallery, looking at pictures from an exhibition. 

This young woman has more courage than I will ever have.
She watched
She waited
Waited some more
Then took the right moment to jump in
And catch a three metre wave
And here's some more pictures at an exhibition
My new music for the moment is by a very talented, multi-instrumental musician from Melbourne who goes by the name Gotye. He is one third of the Australian indie rock group, The Basics. I chanced upon him on ABC Radio where they were playing a song off his soon to be released solo album (19th August), Making Mirrors. The song is called ‘Somebody I Used to Know’. I think it’s a hit. Let me know what you think.


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