Education in the 21st Century

That's me standing beside Miss Law (later she became Mrs Plumb)

My name is Rob Swales. I have travelled fifty eight times around the sun (but in reality I remain infinite) and I have struggled with the traditional, western system of education since I first attended Kindergarten in 1956. Outside of the social aspect of getting to play games with a lot of other kids five days a week and seeing how excited my parents would get when I came first in the class in a subject (a rare phenomenon, usually reserved for spelling or writing fictitious stories) or received some 'special' award ('Daydreamer of the Week', 'Almost One of the Smartest Kids in the Class'), I spent most of my time trying to work out what school was really all about.

When my son Cameron was seven he came to the bank where I was a manager one afternoon after school to wait for me to finish work. He watched what the staff in the bank were doing and even helped out. Driving home from work that day Cameron said to me 'Dad I might as well leave school now and go to work because nothing they teach us has anything to do with work.' Children can see the truth and adults deny it. Thank God for kids.

Today Jodie sent me a youtube video to watch. For me, this video has confirmed what I have always suspected. Our education system is failing our kids and as parents and 'grown-ups' so are we. So what can I do about it? I'm open to suggestions.

Enjoy the video below. Spread the word if you think it has merit. If not, stock up on Ritalin.


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