Rockin' with 'The Boss' at San Siro Stadium Milan

Single off the new album - Wrecking Ball

Yesterday I came up with a really neat way to finish off our adventure in Switzerland. I was able to get some cheap as tickets, standing in the mosh pit section of San Siro Stadium in Milan (home of AC Milan) to a Bruce Springsteen concert for his upcoming Wrecking Ball tour.

Live music has been something we've missed out on in our stint over here. It has been a timing thing really, especially going back to Oz for two months in the summer when it totally happens festival wise in the northern hemisphere. Springsteen has been a big part of my music catalogue since 1975 and luckily enough Jo digs the old man and his E Street Band as well. You can start with Blinded by the Light and go via Born to Run, The River to Darkness on the Edge of Town and Philadelphia and there is a whole lot of his stuff still simmering in between. Even non-believers of his squeezed in lyrics blended with his New Jersey nasal twang and home grown USA focus, can always get their rocks off to the backbeat on Dancing in the Dark with Clarence Clemons saxing out one of his best remembered riffs.

Bruce's Magic album always gets a lot of airplay at home and in the car with Jo and I. Most days on our extended work tour of Queensland it was our most played, getting the heart in the right place CD.

Okay, the 7th June is a bit of a way off but we're still excited. We plan to drive over to Milan on the Thursday afternoon, do the gig and then the three hour drive back straight after the show. Jo'll be feeling it at work the next day but that is the sacrifice you make for love and music.

The Wrecking Ball album is released on the 12th March. And you can get a sneak preview of some of songs on Springsteen's website (

Back where it all started for me in 1975 - An acoustic version of Born to Run


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