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Burleigh Beach

This morning while I was sitting in the office of a Notary waiting to get my signature witnessed on a document I drifted off for a moment or two about some of our favourite things Jo and I might do when we touch down again on the soil of Terra Australia.

Byron Bay has always been our favourite chill out location. A three hour drive from home we check into a cabin right on the sand dunes at Clarkes Beach, park the car for a week and soak up the 's' words. Sunshine, sand, saltwater, serenity and some sanity beneath the watchful eye of the lighthouse. We know Byron has its imperfections, but like man, woman and nature that's what makes it so perfect for us.

Having had the opportunity to walk along some amazing alpine trails here in Switzerland and France, close to the cliffs on the west coast of Ireland and the fabulous and famous Cinque Terre five village walk in Italy, we are still looking forward to doing our favourite couple of hours through Noosa Heads National Park and finishing off with a refreshing surf at Little Cove. I couldn't count the number of times we've done this track but we always keep coming back and are always touched by awe and wonder of each experience. http://www.noosa-heads.net/things/noosanationalparks.html

And to leave Burleigh Heads beach and  Burleigh Bluff out of this salty trilogy would be punishable by a spending a week in an igloo in a country where the sun never comes out for months. Burleigh Heads sits in the middle of a screaming mass of anxiety and high rise tension known as the Gold Coast. Somehow this slight lip of of white beach and world renowned, perfect headland breaks, evades the perverseness that sweeps by on and beyond the nearby Gold Coast Highway. With a bit of luck and good timing our friend Kerrie might be back at her beachside unit and we can join her at sunset for fish and chips and talk about the time we all ate barbecued, stuffed calamari together on a beach in Leros.

And if those reading this have judged that Jo and I have an addiction to saltwater, well I don't have problem with that because we have had a couple of years away that has also included ten months of winter weather to make up for.

Then there's Centro in the Valley (which is very different to the Valais) live shows, festivals, music, rainforest, Limpinwood and hanging out in hammocks beneath the paperbark tree.

Now that's what I love about my Daydreaming Degree. It's free and I don't have to hang it on a wall and charge people by the minute when they step into my office.

Haloumi with poached eggs
The girl in the Notary office returns my document with my one signature duly witnessed along with an account for the service. Fifty four Swiss francs for two seconds work? So at twenty seven francs a second that would be a nice way to make a living that is reasonable by Swiss standards. I thank her and glaze over as I walk out the door and immediately go back to my mind surfing adventure. Now where was I?... ahh yes... Mooloolaba Beach... a walk as the sun rises... an hour of body surfing followed by fresh coffee, poached eggs with avocado and haloumi.


  1. Woooaaawww!!! It reminds me of some souvenir...almost 10 years that I flew back from Down Under Beautiful Australia. Looking forward to see you there sometimes!

    Hope Canada will be that amazing...but the level is settled high.


    Your crazy non swiss neighbours ... I forgot to tell u about the price of the notary here ...uuuppss...ha ha ha!

  2. yes it is a healing zone byron, that's for sure, has been my healing corner of the world for 25 years!


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