I Am Here ~ Bille Brown Theatre Montague St, Sth Brisbane - Dec 6-8

I Am Here ~ Brisbane Events & Entertainment
(Click on the above link for information and a short video about the production)

Jo and I had the opportunity to be present while a group of young African refugees told their personal stories of survival yesterday, sans the political and media hype. Using an emotive mix of theatre, song and traditional dance they opened up their memories of how war destroyed their peaceful lives and set them off on a journey that would one day join them all together in their new home town of Brisbane.

Be warned that you will need to keep some tissues handy. Not only to wipe away the sadness but also to celebrate the joy that the I Am Here crew will share with you as their lives are re-assembled a long way from their families and where they were born.

Australia is so fortunate to have young people like this to help us individually expand our understanding of what is important in life and to enrich our culture, a culture that too often sits dangerously on the abyss of cringe.


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