Woodford Folk Festival; Performers, People and Prime Ministers

Los Coronas from Spain
Australia doesn't have an answer to the Montreux Jazz Festival but it does have a contemporary music/cultural experience every Xmas/New Year known as The Woodford Folk Festival (http://www.woodfordfolkfestival.com).

One cool thing about Woodford is that it is financially accessible, especially for the vast team of volunteers that make sure it happens 24/7 over six consecutive days. As well as culturally relative and inclusive music and poetry, there is a feast of talk fests and classes in subjects that would meet most creative calendars. For many of the 130,000 punters that fly, drive, walk and ride to the festival, the event is a leave of absence from the unreal world into one where music, love and peace is a given.

Jo and I had the opportunity to perform three shows at the Children's Festival section this year and in our spare time to wander the earthen floor of the hallowed Woodford site in search of new sounds and scents. My faves this year were the Warsaw Village Band doing their first gig here from Poland (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqGN23fn6j0)

Los Coronas, new school surf rockers from Spain


Band of Frequencies (performing Richie Haven's 'Freedom')


and the forever presence of an Australian legend and strong, white voice for our indigenous population,
Shane Howard. Shane did a thirty year anniversary performance of his anthem track, Solid Rock, which included a verse in a Central Australian Aboriginal dialect, supported by a great band made up of his muso friends and more of his always living near the surface of your lips, songs.


Not forgetting an acoustic rendition of Kimberley by John Butler.


And my great chats in the children's festival green room with Mic Conway of Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band fame.


And did I mention that I got to meet our own Prime Minister, Julia Gillard? (photo on website below) And that she offered me a job? Well that's the great thing about Woodford. You just never know what's going to happen


Jodie with Magic

Steam punk

Steam punk ladies

Shane Howard - legend

Warsaw Village band

John Butler

Penelope Swales (not related but we always have a chat)

The Julia and Bob show

Julia with Beccy at the kids festival

Bill Hauritz with old mate Mic Conway

Thomas aka Nearly Normal Norman's Nit Circus ringmaster

Linda from Albany at Pete Hollard's art class

Band of Frequencies


  1. So did you take up Julia's job offer?
    A great read. It sounds like a fabulous few days. Jen


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