Waiting for the Moon (@Mooloolaba)

On Saturday afternoon Jo and I went down to body surf at Mooloolaba. I took my camera to take some photos of the moon rise. There were clouds and we're still waiting. But poetry was there for catching in the  sweet, salt air.

Waiting for the Moon 

Filling in the countdown to the sunset
Hiding in waves that roller-coast to shore
Laughing, they touch gently in the shallows
In an afternoon that glows like Evermore

Salt and sand wash away like seasons
Lips part as shadows flee the fire
And join with moisture to a moment
In a dream that satisfies desire

Then they walk the beach littered with lovers
And stars, reflecting cows eyes from a spoon
And then patient as summer in the autumn
They paint the sky while waiting for the moon.

(c) Rob Swales


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