Queensland... State of Origin Legends... Training for eight in a row.

Here's me giving Trevor 'the axe' Gillmeister a few pointers in how to hold a football for a photo
I spent this afternoon watching the mighty Maroons go through their paces at the Palmer Coolum Resort in readiness for next Wednesday nights 2014 Series decider. It was interesting to note some of the training drills Mal Meninga and Michael Hagan came up with on the training paddock today to counter act what is certain to be eighty minutes of hellfire with the odd punch thrown in Game 3 in Sydney... but who am I to query genius.

Inspired by the Tour de France the boys started training with races around the field until there was an all in stack with one of Clive Palmer's free range kangaroos.

Then JT suggested that they grab a partner for a bit of one on one tango that they followed up with skipping and clapping.

Then they got a bit more fair dinkum with a fast game of walking touch football.

The warm up was finished off with a two handed water bottle race which was won by Thursto.

Then it was two hours of last man standing bootcamp style training

Greg Inglis, wearing an autographed Joel Madden cap, practises applying an accidental  elbow  to  Justin Hodges' butt while 'Steve' McQueen accidentally knees Hodgo in the melon

Then Inglis guides McQueen through a new  Melbourne Storm style tackle.

Nate Myles modeled the new Paul Gallen punching bag  armour. It's just a shame Paul won't get the chance to test it out.

While team captain Cam Smith demonstrated the sideline tackle he's been perfecting

 The boys finished off the session off with five minutes of high five practise.
 I got the chance to ask Daly Cherry-Evans if he knew my old mate John Dowling who played for the Maroons back in 1982.....
but unfortunately he didn't.


  1. Hey Rob Darcy loved your photos.

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