A Winter Breakfast - Sunshine Coast Style

Jo woke me before the sun this morning with a whisper, ' The yellow VW bus leaves in thirty minutes ...    ....for breakfast .... at Mooloolaba Beach.'

And an hour later, with five star seating, and basking in 23 degrees of sunshine dazzle, we were doing just that.

Somewhere out to sea the Humpback Whales sang songs of freedom as they continued their journey north to Hervey Bay. Under the long shade of the Pandanus trees we even managed to bump into old 'Goatee' band member mate, Mojo, who had just done his morning beach swim with a dolphin riding wingman.

Sunshine Coast winter mornings are hard to take. But Jo and I have hardened up over the last couple of years. We finished breakfast with a walk (we weren't quite hardened up enough for the swim) into the sweet contemplation of a blissful Sunday that is a bonus for ratepayers who happen to reside in this little corner of the world.

This afternoon Jo and I were up a ladder trimming the top branches from a Lychee tree on our boundary. The end result? Pacific Ocean glimpses from our rear deck. Nice huh?


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