Jeremy Oxley - The Sunnyboys

Watched a documentary last weekend on ABC TV about the life and times of Jeremy Oxley. Jeremy found fame in the early 1980's as the singer and guitarist for The Sunnyboys. He and his brother Peter hailed from Kingscliff in Northern NSW. At the peak of The Sunnyboys I remembered Jeremy as a very charismatic personality. A great singer/song writer and after watching the documentary I realised how amazing a guitarist he is.

Then he disappeared from sight. I heard stories that he had alcohol and drug problems and had become a recluse living somewhere out the back of Caboolture.

Driving home last week I happened to catch an interview with Jeremy's wife Mary on ABC radio. It was a compelling story about love and schizophrenia and it led into 'The Sunny Boy' documentary aired last Sunday.

The documentary on Jeremy blew me away. The artist, the human condition, a higher presence and the path that love and understanding and acceptance and kindness can take, to breathe life back into a fellow human being. I was touched by everyone who took part in this project. It was also great to see my old Murwillumbah High School art teacher, Eric Oxley (Jeremy's father), still around and supporting Jeremy through some tough times.

You can check out the doco on And stay with it to the end. It's well worth the time.

Or go to ABC TV's iView (

Below is a clip about the making of Jeremy's new EP and the single 'The Magic Parade'.

Thanks Jeremy.


  1. "Magic Parade" simply magic song. I love it. Jeremy looks amazingly, and Mary....a back up singer. Fantastic guys.

  2. Thank you for your review and kind words :) M.

  3. Couldn't agree more and hey guess what - I went to M'bah High also but don't remember Jeremy's father as a teacher there. I am loving that the Sunnyboys are performing again and have just booked tix for the Sydney show. Very excited.

  4. Eric came to M'bah High in 1965. He was still there when I left in '68.

  5. And still there in '71 when I was expelled.


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