King's (of London) Cupcakes Come To The Sunshine Coast

Jo and I were really fortunate this past week to have Izzy King, cupcake designer of King's Cupcakes, Ealing, London, staying with us.

Having passed on invitations and persuasive offers to share her culinary delights in Canberra and Brisbane, she had a feeling that the best opportunities were waiting for her further north. On a whim she caught the 'Tilt' train from Roma Street to the Sunshine Coast. While pondering her future and the complex business plan on her laptop, she took a moment from her work to daydream out of the train's panoramic windows. And it was there that she found the inspiration she'd been looking for in the shape of the Glasshouse Mountains.

When I picked Izzy up at the Nambour Central Transit Station she was still frantically sketching new ideas into her notebook and continued doing so between excited gulps of conversation as we drove to meet up with Jodie at Podie Pie in Howard Street, Nambour.

And despite being drenched through her 'wellies' with rain every time she attempted to explore the natural wonders of this awesome piece of pristine coastline, her inspiration was not dampened. She spent her nights burning the 'midnight oil' writing recipes and the days seeking out local produce that could do justice to her new creations.

After being woken early this morning by the piercing screams of a pair of yellow-tailed black cockatoos, Izzy set out on an earnest run along Rosemount ridge, down through the Koala Park (where she rescued a juvenile koala from the waiting jaws of a two metre carpet python) and along the gently, flowing, rainforest protected waters of Petrie Creek.

When she arrived back at our home she decided today was the day for action. After a few quick phone calls to local suppliers, the oven was turned on to a gentle 180 degrees and the kitchen declared a no-go zone.

When Jo and I arrived home from work we were blown away by our new and delightful friend's creative genius. Our kitchen was covered from oven to refrigerator with tray after tray cupcake creations. More than enough stock to open a shop tomorrow.

Then that became her new dilemma. With no cupcake shop ready to go and our fridge full to the brim, where to put them all. We began to solve the problem by eating a couple each and they were oh, so delicious. As delicious as the new names Izzy had come up with for the new additions to her menu bcd home in Ealing. Names like 'Strawberry Thunder Down Under', 'Hot Choco-lot' and 'The Green Dream'.  Izzy's personal favourite was the 'Surfs Up', featuring strong, hunky wedges of locally made chocolate standing tall in waves of luminous, white icing.

After eating more than our share and packing some away for Izzy to take to Australia Zoo to share with Bindi and Bob Irwin, we loaded the rest into the VW transporter and delivered them to our neighbours and friends and to a man called Garry living in the street outside the Nambour Post Office.

Jo and I will be sad to see Izzy head of to Brunswick Heads on Wednesday. It has been fun having her stay with us. And we've enjoyed educating her about all the myths and misconceptions concerning the dangerous wildlife that are supposed to inhabit every nook and cranny of this Great Southern Land.

Come back soon Izzy.


  1. was so nice reading your blog though everytime i Need to check my dictionary , i love your english m learning a lot of new words. m happy you and jodie had a good time with your visitor. GOd bless you Rob missing you
    regards elen ,hyabel and abigail

  2. Nice blog entry Rob! Ahhh the meaning of life. I don't really think it is money.


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