Sunshine Beach to Noosa… and back

It was such an awesome weekend weather wise that Jo and I both put our hands up for a spontaneous hike. Spontaneity (I can say it but have all sorts of bother spelling it) suits us because we don't need to plan anything just remember to take the water bottles.

We decided it would be really cool to find the spot where the painting I found of Jo and I and a red VW Beetle had originally been painted from. So we loaded our water bottles into the Transporter and headed north to Sunshine Beach. We were certain it had to be somewhere between the Sunshine Beach surf club and Little Cove at Noosa.

Around 8.30 am we set off north along Sunshine Beach in perfect weather.

Over the big hill to A Bay (where a naked man came out of the bush with a banana)

The surf in A Bay was pumping

And Jo found the perfect way to deal with the naked man in the background

Up to Hell's Gates where some dolphins and a turtle came out to talk to us

Down to Melaleuca Bay where there was still a scent of a wave

And finally our destination at the entrance to Noosa National Park

Where we think we found the very spot our painting was done (see below). What do you think?

It was such a beautiful morning we decided to walk the seven k's back to our car at Sunshine beach. (It was either that or wait for Bumblebee our Transporter to come and find us??)


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