Dead Letter Circus - Take The Big Pineapple

Brisbane prog rockers the Dead Letter Circus ( hit the stage at the last ever to be held Big Pineapple Music Festival gig yesterday afternoon and lifted the intensity to awesome for the big crowd. Pumping up the volume into a setting sun, the punters reacted accordingly and sweated it out to tunes from their most recent vinyl The Catalyst Fire and also their first album This Is The Warning.

The Zoo animals at the Pineapple had to be sedated so they could handle the music and mayhem of the day but not so the human variety, although some of them showed that they had the IQ to qualify for an injection.

It was a return to place for DLC members Luke and Clint and those lazy days of summer spent conquering the mind altering heights of the Big Pineapple climb. Now the lads along with the Dead letter Circus are ascending the world's alternate music charts instead.

Today they came and saw the Big Pineapple, then with riffs ringing out to the surrounding universe, they blew the spiky top right off it.


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