Sunshine Coast Winter 2014 - The coldest day so far???

This morning Jo and I woke early to what was predicted to be the coldest day this year. So we decided to drive the Transporter to Maroochy Beach and watch the sunrise. The radio confirmed the 'big chill' stating that Brisbane had experienced it's coldest day since 1911 with 2.6 degrees celsius. Imagine that.

We just missed the sunrise so we took some time to stop along the Maroochy River and see how the pelicans were faring.

This guy was just hanging out on the boat ramp and sharing a meal with his mate Jonathan.

This girl was motivated to do a bit of yoga.

These two were happy to soak up some extra rays in bed.

And this young dude decided to try a spot of fishing from his tinny.

Cotton Tree was quiet in contemplation

but it was all happening at Maroochy Beach. Longboard surfing comp, fishermen, wave skis, joggers, boot camp and more pelicans.

By 7.30 am it was 12.5 degrees celsius and with the washing already out to dry, well and truly on the way to another perfect winter's day in this part of the world. Cheers


  1. Looks better than Lausanne which has just had it's wettest July for about 150 years! David H

  2. Incredible photographs Rob! Makes me itch to get back in the surf...


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