Believe it or not....

This morning I woke thinking I was feeling out of sorts. As I was pouring my Rice Crispies onto my Weetabix  I said to Jo ‘I don’t think I can go into work today’, and before she had a chance to reply the doorbell rang. Now our doorbell in Switzerland never rings unless it is an organised visit. But today at 7.30 a.m. it rings. Jo answers it and there is this little green guy there. He says ‘Hi! My name is Nestarion’, waltzes right on into our apartment and jumps up and sits on the table. We didn’t know what to say but he kept right on talking anyway.
Turns out he is a Swiss Elf and decent work is pretty scarce in Europe these days with all the computers and modern technology. He said he has nothing against the IT age and as you can see in the photo he does come with his own mouse (Mooshka is his mouse’s name) but he thinks kids all over have forgotten about the mystery and imagination of play.   

Now Nestarion claims to have heard from Wally, our little wizard friend back in Australia, that we do magic shows for children and he would like to go to Australia with us and be part of the show. 
Well Jo and I just looked at each other, our mouths open. Nestarion kept right on talking. He said that if we would take him with us to be a part of the show that he has a special Elven lady friend from up in the Jura Mountains who would love to come also and she could close up her little house and be down to join us in a week. He said he has a million stories that children in Australia would never have heard before and his Elven friend has Jura Mountain stories he has not even heard. And in the definitive Swiss way Nestarion asked us ‘Well, am I in the show?’
Jo and I looked at each other once more and the word ‘Yes’ fell out of our mouths at the same instant, much like judges picking a winner on American Idol. And Nestarion was in and I was even feeling good enough to go to work. So believe it or not ... we are now waiting for the doorbell to ring once more to meet the other new addition to our awesome fun, kid’s show back home. How cool is that?


  1. Hi Nestarion, Great to see you finally found a new job. Sounds like the interview was easy! Rob sure does sound like fun.
    I miss Mooshka so much although I've only just cleared up the last of her fluffy poopy.Do Australians have big tummy buttons, she will enjoy that!
    Maloriak says you know where she is when you fancy some more Leprechaun lovin'.
    Your old friend,
    Magmaul D. Warf


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