Horses for Heroes

When I was a kid growing up in the Murwillumbah area of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, all my heroes had horses. My real world experience could not have happened without the assistance of The Lone Ranger and his horse Silver, Tonto and Scout, The Phantom and Hero, Hoppalong Cassidy and his trusty steed Topper, Cisco Kid and Diablo. And what about Ben Cartwright and his three sons in the Bonanza series? Well Ben rode Buck, Little Joe had Cochise, Hoss trundled along with Chub and Adam never so glamorous without Sport. Then there was Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood) in Rawhide. He wouldn’t have been a hero without Midnight to help him do the work.
Come to think of it, would Wilbur Post have been remembered without Mr Ed?
I even had a mate when I was growing up who was a real hero to me also and he had a horse that we used to ride bareback doubles all around our valley and rivers. My mates name was Paul and his horse was called Blue Sailor, a most amazing and patient Palomino. 
( Website to look up your favourite heroes horse is:
Today I read an article about a different kind of ‘heroes and their horses’. The Crossed Arrows Ranch, owned by former US Green Beret Rick Iannucci, caters to veterans with physical and emotional wounds in its Cowboy Up! program. (Christian Science Monitor April 25, 2011). Amazing stories and pictures and also a youtube video that you can have a sneak peak of the Cowboy Up! program in action: 
I think everyone of us has a memory of a hero with a horse and I’m sure that we all wanted a horse just like theirs. This video was a great reminder for me that horses aren’t made to run around race tracks in circles. Their qualities are designed for much more worthwhile causes. I think it is inspiring that these noble animals can benefit mankind in this helpful way
Hi Yo Silver! and away-y-y-y-y-y


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