Well Nestarion said she was on her way and here she is. Jo and I arrived home from work Wednesday evening, the television was on upstairs with familiar Australian voices and there we found them. Nestarion and Celeste, his long time Elvie friend from up near St. Claude in the French Jura Mountains. Both of them snuggled up in one small sofa eating chips and watching Home and Away. Nestarion and his mouse Mooshka and Celeste with her owl Whiska.

Celeste jumped up and hugged us both and Nestarion went channel surfing like while we had a talk with Celeste. She can already speak English but said it might take her a couple of weeks to get the Australian accent right. She also said that she was looking forward to working in the Magicianess Magic show when we eventually go back to Australia and the the holiday there in two weeks time would be awesome. Apparently she has a few tricks of her own and can run rings around any Swiss elf with her creative story telling. But Nestarion ignored the remark and kept right on surfing.

Today, after Harvey and I watched the TItans down the depleted Dragons on NRL Live TV, Nestarion and Celeste slid up the bannister and spent the afternoon watching the tennis. When I went up to check on them they had really settled in for the rest of the day and the white rabbit and black panther had joined them.

So when we get home in two weeks time these two new recruits will be with us. They're cute, savvy and house trained so that when you'all drop in to see us you won't have to worry about starting a conversation.
See you soon. Oh and if anyone can pick me up a Qld State of Origin six in a row T-shirt before Wednesday night's game that would be awesome. That Ricky Stuart is a joker. First he won't pick any player out of their position then he picks all of the players out of position. What will he do in State of Origin 3? Maybe he and Gus and Freddie might boot up and show them how they used to do it.

Nestarion and Celeste have already been given the drum and they have signed the Maroon's Oath. (Otherwise they wouldn't be getting on the plane) Go the maroons.

p.s. The youtube video below is what I've been playing to Nestarion and Celeste each night before they go to bed. The song is written and sung by my cousin Nik Phillips and has poetry by Rupert McCall.


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