Surfing Cygnets

Pully boat harbour June 12 2011
Surfing cygnets

Swan diving through waves

Yes!! My first wave.

Let's do it again

Quick catch this one you foamer!

I win!!

I never would have believed it if I hadn't caught the action on my own Canon 400D. Early this morning I walked into Ouchy to check up on all the hatchlings from the last month or so. And the good news is they are all accounted for and in good shape. And that includes one duck with eleven ducklings. She appears to be doing the child raising by herself as a male of the species was not within 400 metres in any direction. Then again it is a glorious Sunday morning and like most males in Switzerland he may have been out on the golf course with his mates.

And mum makes a cricket team
In again.

Out again

Sitting in the morning sun
 The cygnets from the Ouchy family came in when they saw me sitting on the shore. I think that they thought that I had bread. I always forget the stale bread. Anyway, they hung around long enough to give me some good shots and then when the wake from France ferry came in the action really hotted up. They began swan diving under the shore break and actually pushing each other to get onto the waves, which I thought looked very reminiscent of Midge Farrelly and Nat Young in Byron Bay in the 60's.

This was serious extreme surfing for cygnets and you guys know that I am not prone to exaggeration. They even had a bit of style considering they've only been on the planet for a few weeks. I'm serious, with some coaching and maturity these little guys could match it with the best swan surfers on any lake in Europe.

Pully mum shows how it's done

Too cute
Resting after  the mornings surf action
Yesterday morning Jo and I went for a drive to Montreux then up to Bern. The Montreux Jazz Festival kicks off on July 1. Some awesome action there this year including, Sting, Paul Simon, Santana, John McLaughlin, Liza Minella, Arcade Fire, George Benson, ASA, Seal, BB King, Jimmy Cliff, Leon Russell, Black Dub and Deep Purple who will be doing a full symphonic orchestra thing. For $1500 you can get yourself standing and up close to all the big gigs. For $100 you can get a 24 hour pass and wander around with the punters and take in all the freebie concerts which just about go 24/7 for two weeks. Or you can go the whole hog, part with $4050 which gives you seated A class tickets for all the biggies and includes $100 credit for drinks. If we were here while it was on and I had the spare loose folding stuff I'd do the $4050 special offer. Maybe next year.

Montreux sculpture

See some of you dreamers in two weeks. Jo and I look forward to catching up.

And here's a taste of Montreux for those of you who would like to join Jo and I there next July.

In Bern



A  park in Montreux 


  1. I enjoyed the bird pictures...they definitely tell a story on their own.


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