Boys 'Out on the Weekend' (in Europe)

What would three down home, good ole Aussie boys do to entertain themselves when they were left alone by their lady loves who opted for the bright city lights of Singapore, Sydney and London? Well I've got no idea, but here's what Kris, Harvey and I got up to last weekend when put in the same situation.

First we fuelled up the Alfa and headed for the Mont Blanc tunnel
(Mont Blanc after dawn from Chaminox)
then to Milan Cathedral - for inspiration from above
And euros to hire this Aston Martin  to drive...
around town to do a bit of shopping
and keep an eye out for pickpockets
before heading out to San Siro Stadium for a taste of ...
Soccer balls all in a row?
Harvey ... getting closer to the game
We were so excited we waved our flags
let off a few flares
Kris with his innocent look...
and with our help AC Milan defeat Palermo 3 - 0. And this is what the stadium looked like next morning
So we decided to really leave our mark on Milan
And really 'Bond'
Of course harvey had to show his experience
And then the Alfa got in on the act
Then Kris
Then me again
This is Harvey at his best
Kris ... really showing off
Then some football player snorted over our great bonding session
So we switched to sculpting a bloody big Leonardo Da Vinco horse ...

 Before heading back to the safety and obscurity of Switzerland

and contemplating the life of a boat on a lake


and looking for a trail to follow
into ...
an alpine wonderland
and even higher
stoney places
with views and
 memories to last forever
and sign posts pointing to where the weekend started...
there in the distance... driving through the the Mont Blanc tunnel

Sing it again Neil... you know how it feels


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