An Observation From a Once Frozen Immigrant

Above are a couple of examples of the advertising propaganda on show for the this month's Swiss federal elections. They belong to the UDC party, the most popular party in Switzerland at present, holding thirty percent of the votes. I'm not sure if the erect condom images are a reflection of the UDC's mentality but their platform appears to be built on a white Switzerland policy and of keeping immigrants out. Not that easy to do I suppose when twenty percent of the population living and working here are from other countries. The good thing is that seventy percent of the Swiss vote goes to other political parties. Parties that have a more substance to their agenda and appeal for more open-minded thinkers.

These are some photos of the asylum seekers centre where I work as a volunteer.

And below are some photos of what the UDC party and their supporters are so afraid of. I guess it must be the smiling, happy faces and sense of harmony and fun they find most difficult to cope with.  These kids certainly don't reflect or fit in with the UDC's condom mentality approach to a life and community in the land of cheese and chocolate.


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