A quick post from home

View from our kitchen window
After two weeks back home the 'wi-fi' is finally up and running. I've managed to change my blog title but for the life of me cannot upload a replacement photo under the title. Since we've been home her in Oz the sun has only thought to pop it's head out twice but the weather man in my computer tells me that might just change tomorrow.

Mooloolaba Beach
Most of our energy since arriving has gone into cleaning, maintenance, painting, unpacking and washing and drying everything that has that distinctive 'I've been in storage for two years' scent.

Sunrise across our neighbouring dairy farm
But we can now navigate down the garden path from the shed, we do have a new door on our studio and a window arrives tomorrow for the music room, which will give it both light and fresh air and make it ready for creative habitation.

So there is not much in the way of photos or news. Our village is bustling and friendly and we look forward to catching up with friends old and new. I am off to a refugee support meeting in our community on Sunday which will give me more understanding what is happening on the ground here.

Talk soon.


  1. Welcome back Rob and Jo. No doubt some very serious creativity in the wet air for you both. Yes, you will dry out your thought in the next couple of days. If not look out the window for the sun to shine in, - one day!
    Just had an email from a friend in Canada who is complaining of 35 degrees and can't think without sweating.
    Talk soon. The tennis court is ready........


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