Birds in Paradise

White headed pigeons just love to get their photos taken in groups

I spend the early mornings on our rear deck looking at the good in the world and how I can play a part in it. For the last two months I've spent and hour or so here in my new office surrounded by sunlight and birds that sing songs to me. In return for their beautiful songs I feed them leftovers from my breakfast. After the magpies, butcher birds and kookaburras fly off to greener pastures, the shy birds from the forest emerge from the penthouse branches of the trees Jo and I have planted over the years. White-headed pigeons, king parrots, pale-headed rosellas and rainbow lorikeets. The whooshing of their wings as they hover for positions on the bird feeders continues throughout the morning. Later in the day, when Jo and I return to the rear deck to continue working on our magic and children's show marketing, the great forest birds distract our peripheral vision and give our office spectacular movement and colour that can never be captured on a still frame of photographic paper.

This is my kind of office, mate!!

Love and blessings


p.s. Check out below a side of Rob and Jo that Switzerland never had the opportunity to meet:


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