Noosa National Park - Celebrating a Birthday of Significance

Sunrise talking through the trees at home this morning
As a fifteen year old I can remember wanting to be seventeen (to get my driver's licence so bad), eighteen (so I could go to the pub legally after drinking in them illegally for two years) and  to be twenty one and officially grown up. Fortunately for me I never got the grown up badge with the age milestone.

Today I had another birthday of significance, one which doesn't really need a number because I still haven't learned how to act according to the ages I have gained or by some number of full moons that I have experienced. I guess that is the beauty of being married to a woman who goes by the name Millie the Fairy and then I join her most work days by putting on a wizard costume and becoming a friendly old nutter that kids call Grumbledore.

One of the best presents I received today was a letter from the ANZ bank telling me I no longer will be charged account keeping or transaction fees on my account. Now how cool is that?

For this special day Jo and I were up early and had our new work vehicle, 'Bumblebee', on the highway towards Noosa Heads not long after sunrise. We did the Noosa National Park walk to Hell's Gates and back, taking time to stop and admire the perfect sets of green and white in the bays below us, leaving their familiar soundtrack indelibly overdubbed on our rejuvenated souls. As inviting as Tea Tree Bay looked we opted for our fave swimming/surfing spot at Little Cove. No waves of substance, but perfect degrees for a swim out to the southern point . We topped off the Noosa thing with brekky at Cafe le Monde.

Little Cove

The rest of the day was spent finalising some exciting aspects of our new work program that kicks off this Friday and the details of the artwork for the makeover of our VW Transporter work van (aka 'Bumblebee' and 'The Magic Bus'). But more news and photos on that at a later date.

Thanks friends for your kind words and wishes. I'm not much on birthday celebrations but I'm prepared to have another one just for a slice of a chocolate mud cake.


Monsieur Roberto ( my new stage name for our 'Gypsy Carnivale Flea Circus' extravaganza coming to a town near you in November 2012)


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