Creatives wanted: See | Me - Where great talent receives endless attention

See | Me - Where great talent receives endless attention

I have no idea how the above website found me but every time something from them turns up in my email I find myself curiously sifting through some of the artists, photographers or designers and getting totally sucked into a global creative workspace that seems to have no end.

See | Me looks to be a place where art can be under your bed one day and in a New York exhibition the next. Call me naive but that seems like a pretty cool opportunity.

So here is the challenge for all my creative friends. All it takes is three easy steps and I know that even creatives can count to three.

1. Check out the web site pasted at the top of this page.

2. Sign up and join in the conversation with 500,000 + fellow artists.

3. And finally, submit some of your amazing work for consideration for one of their exhibitions.

And please let me know what happens next.


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