Husk and Honey - ('Funky Cafes on the Sunshine Coast' series)

Not quite Montmatre or downtown Florence, but life is mostly an inside job and I think 'Husk and Honey' could do its individual thing in almost any location.

Back streets of any town or city can almost always lead you to something unexpected. It might be a deja vu experience, a great photo opportunity, a scent or sense of being that floods your mind with memories of childhood or far off exotic places. It's even better when this comes in the form of a cafe or coffee shop. Today Jo and I went walking down Queen Street Nambour in search of sustenance and behold, came across the seriously retro style of Husk and Honey.

Husk and Honey is a gluten free, grain free cafe. However, I can assure you that the food and coffee is most certainly not free of visual stimulation or flavour. Sitting at and surrounded by original furnishings and many things Australian from the 50's and 60's, you can wile away the waiting time reading the magazines provided or genuine newspaper article wallpaper. There are also lines of penned poetry of praise and a continuous backdrop of music that gives the rooms that beat street, back of town, cafe moodiness, thankfully sans the cigarette smoke.

Interesting and healthful breakfasts are available Monday to Saturday ( up until 2.30 M-F, 2.00 Sat), the Tim Adams specialty blend coffee is desirable and I can personally recommend the chocolate beetroot cake. I have a feeling on one of those many yet to come, wet, Sunny Coast Saturday mornings that demand to be filled with cake, coffee and the weekend papers, you would almost need to reserve a table.

So next time you are on the Sunshine Coast, or doing a cross coast dash along Howard Street Nambour, swing into Queen Street and enjoy the hospitality of Tashi and Johnny Collins and their friendly team at Husk and Honey. And wear a funny little hat. I guarantee that your senses will thank you for your spontaneous effort. Methinks it would be an awesome venue for some original open mic acoustic music and performance poetry.


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