Almost Winter in Mooloolaba

Hard to believe that it's two weeks short of winter in this part of the world.  Got to love the late autumn weather and the lifestyle options that come with it. This morning Jo and I were able to weave and meditate our way through the low tide shallows of Mooloolaba Beach and follow up our walk with a swim in water the colour of lapsis lazuli, all before breakfast. It was twenty three degrees (celsius) out of the water and around the same in it.

In fact it was so good that when I had to pick up something from Bunnings mid-morning I was persuaded by the elements to pull the Quiksilvers and Zoggs back on for a full length beach swim. This experience was so damn fine that I forced myself to buy a perfect coffee, and sit on the deck of 'A Loo With A View' to ponder the variations on a theme of working versus beach bumming. And as a bonus Jo was good enough to drop my Canon SLR to me on her way through to Spotlight, so that I could record what I was feeling.

Sunshine Coast winters are a reflective time. The days lack the traffic jam pace of a tourist laden summer. Car parking spaces on the waterfront are there for the taking and locals are able to reclaim the kilometres of a pristine shoreline that they fund with an excess in property rates.

Under cloudless, blue skies there is no need to sweat it, just sip it like an Oliver's latte, one day at a time.

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  1. Glad to have you guys back in our lives Rob ---- Jim Tannion


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