Off Road Rush - WRX Rally Driver - My New Job

 I've finally found my perfect job, forty five years after leaving school. And it's a job that no amount of algebra, science experiments or memory tests could  have helped me with.

Getting some clues  from a guy who'd already done a few laps.

Pre-track, self-visualization

Getting some last minute tips from my son Cam

There are two outdoor activities I've always been interested in but had never really had a go at or even talked out loud about. One of them was sailing. Not just sailing off into the sunset to see what was on the other side. But meeting the ocean on its terms and seeing if I had enough fortitude to rise to the challenge. Not quite Jessica Watson style. More like family and friends heading off to get from A to B over a couple of weeks in a fifteen knot north-easter, and an occasional patch of swell. April last year I had the opportunity to do just that when Jo and I were invited to sail with our friend kerrie on her boat forever from Kos to Santorini in the Greek islands. And thanks to our skipper's love of some of the finer things in life (that their happens to be plenty of in the Greek Islands), I got my chance to take the wheel in some pretty tricky conditions.

And yesterday, due to Jo's intuitive thought, I knocked over the second thing I'd always wanted to do but had never told anyone about. And that was to drive a Subaru WRX rally car. Now my experience wasn't quite in the Dakar Car Rally vein of things, but it was turbo-charged on dirt and I got to take the wheel for four laps. And the hot lap with a professional driver putting the pedal to the metal was something else. (

So if anyone out there gets wind of a rally car driver vacancy (Subaru WRX preferred), feel free to pass on my email address. I now have the necessary training and experience and if I can fit it in with my day job, I'm available.


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