Gotye; Somebody That I Used To Know

Driving home from Rolle last night I was blown away to hear amazing Australian muso Gotye being played on LFM. This morning one of my son Kris tells me he's number 1# on the British charts. I checked his website and his 2012 UK, Canada and US tour is already sold out. All I can say, in the words of my mentor Molly, do yourself a favour (and Gotye) and buy his album "Making Mirrors". 


  1. Saw him at Woodford this year Rob, and he's just as good live. Surrounded himself with musos and techno wizardry that created a wonderful sound, but best of all was his excellent engagement with the 20,000 audience. Explained what he was doing and spoke to us a with a warmth and humility as if we each had been personally invited to the evening. No ego at all. Such an impressive artist on every level.


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