Mr Happy Man; Enough to put a smile on the face of Switzerland?

Mr. Happy Man from Matt Morris Films on Vimeo.

My friend Ruth sent this Vimeo film to me yesterday. Man it made me feel good. Matt Morris put this project together but it would just be a lot of people and cars in a hurry without Johnny Barnes in the middle of it all. Johnny is a perfect example of what being happy is all about. When I first moved to Maleny in 1996 there was a local character who lived there called Beautiful All (his real name). Every day he took the time to walk down Maple Street Maleny and say good morning to every shop owner and worker, handing out flowers to the ladies that he'd freshly picked out of other people's gardens on his way into town. I looked forward to Beautiful's visits and the interesting conversations that would often be a part of the ritual. And from where I sat, our little village was no where near as colourful and bright when he moved on to Byron Bay.

Watching Johnny Barnes doing his thing has got me wondering where Beautiful All might be these days. Does anybody out there know? Thanks for the Vimeo Ruth.

The song below is not a song about love but I love the song and the talent that's shared to make it so awesome.


  1. Hey ! I love the concept! Did you know that we had almost the same guy in Lausanne for a while? He was posted in front of the entrance of the railway station, near the Mac Donald's and he was handing out .... kisses and hugs to who wanted them! ;-)isn't that amazing?

  2. If we can find him I'll do a story on him.


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