Music I'm Playing this Week; U2 vs. Steppenwolf

Okay, so there is nothing new here on the surface. I saw U2 live in Brisbane back in October 1989. I remember taking Kris to see them with a couple of friends and their kids. Kris was into a band called Poison at the time and talking about wanting to see them in concert. My reply was something along the lines of 'I'll take you to see the best band in the universe first and then you can use that as a benchmark for concerts you'd like to go to.' The truth is I really wanted to go and see them and that was a great way for me to go and hopefully wean Kris off Poison.

It was U2's When Love Comes to Town tour, riding high on the back of their amazing Rattle and Hum album on which pretty well every song was a hit. See track list below:

U2 - RATTLE AND HUM - Release Date: September 1988 

1. Helter Skelter 
2. Van Diemen's Land 
3. Desire 
4. Hawkmoon 269 
5. All Along The Watchtower 
6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 
7. Freedom For My People 
8. Silver & Gold 
9. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 
10. Angel Of Harlem 
11. Love Rescue Me 
12. When Love Comes To Town 
13. Heartland 
14. God Part 2 
15. The Star Spangled Banner 
16. Bullet The Blue Sky 
17. All I Want Is You 

Now there has got to be at least two of your fave U2 songs in that list. The supports for the U2 show were Weddings, Parties, Anything and B.B. King and his fabulous band. BB blew it away, U2 took it up another couple of levels then BB came back and teamed up with Dublin boys and it was one pretty amazing night. I'm pretty sure Kris almost enjoyed it as much as I did. The next concert we went together to see was Metallica who were supported by Kyuss. Since then I think Kris has seen most of the bands of stature that are still play in the universe, including catching Kyuss in some shape or form in many different parts of the world. Conversely, not previously rating Metallica I thought they were a class act and  became a closet fan. An aside to seeing this gig is that I found out after Jo and I were married that we were both at the same concert. Kind of weirds me out.

(NB This is a different mix to the track on the CD) 

Yesterday, on one of the Lausanne FM stations I heard a U2 song that I hadn't heard before called Blow Your House Down (the beauty of digital radio showing the song and the artist). It was rocky and chunky with a groove and a melody that stuck. Then the DJ was relating the song to their Achtung Baby album. But I just couldn't remember the track at all. So another great use for Google and up pops Achtung Baby - Twenty years of Achtung Baby Anniversary edition. On a two CD set not only is there a reissue of the original tracks but also a CD of B sides, remixes, previously unreleased and rarities including Blow Your House Down, Paint it Black (R'Stones) and a must have Salome. CD 2 as per right here.

1. Lady With The Spinning Head (UV1)
3:53$0.99Buy Track
listen  2. Blow Your House Down3:30$0.99Buy Track
listen  3. Salomé4:31$0.99Buy Track
listen  4. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Single Version)3:40$0.99Buy Track
listen  5. Satellite Of Love4:00$0.99Buy Track
listen  6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Remix)4:48$0.99Buy Track
listen  7. Paint It Black3:20$0.99Buy Track
listen  8. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Fish Out Of Water Remix)4:09$0.99Buy Track
listen  9. Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix)7:05$0.99Buy Track
listen10. Night And Day6:57$0.99Buy Track
listen11. The Lounge Fly Mix6:27$0.99Buy Track
listen12. Fortunate Son2:39$0.99Buy Track
listen13. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Korova 13:37$0.99Buy Track
listen14. Where Did It All Go Wrong?

It's an impressive lineup for a couple of hours of driving or  tunes to write by, so I recommend you pretty well crank it. Especially you ageing rockers Wehlow who might be a few decibels short of an LP as well as tone deaf.

The other old school rock that they highlighted on my particular FM station yesterday, Numero Uno or some such name, was Steppenwolf's greatest hits. This band is probably best remembered for their  Easy Rider soundtrack from 1969. They came to life via The Sparrows in LA in 1968. Songs such as Born to be Wild, Monster and The Pusher make sure that these guys are permanent entries on just about every Rock Compilation album released and every FM rock station play list from then until now. Again Mr Google tells me that the Steppenwolf boys are still alive and rocking and although they don't have much new material they don't really need any. They are still touring with 67 year old John Kay belting them out up front with his occasional slide guitar solos. 

My introduction to Steppenwolf was a 45 single a mate gave me for my sixteenth birthday of Magic Carpet Ride/Sookie Sookie. They neglected to play Magic Carpet Ride on air yesterday in Lausanne so here is the original dodgy short version music clip followed by a much later live long version of the same track.  

At least twenty and forty plus years driven, all these lads are alive n kicken and maken a liven.

Rock on.


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