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Flight of Imagination
Satya de Masson is an artist in full time residence in the village of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. For many reasons Maleny is a Mecca for visual artists across a spectrum of mediums. There is something in the air up here that appeals to and massages the creative senses. This something is somewhat undefinable. But when you add the three dimensional landscapes that magically appear along both sides of narrow country roads to a rural village lifestyle that exudes a cruiseness that seems to be in tune with the vibrations of right brained artists and dreamers and then add in a pinch of value adding for people that can actually produce interesting artwork of quality, you are getting close to an understanding of why art happens here.

I've known Satya pretty well since I moved up to this special part of paradise sixteen years ago. Previously a teacher, graphic artist and owner of many Kombi vans amongst many other things, it is the transferring of his ideas of what is beautiful and pure onto canvas that has become his true passion and vocation. Over time we've shared many coffees and teas in hard seat cafes that line the main street fringes of Maleny. And we've surrounded these social opportunities with divergent conversations, digging into topics that give our individual lives meaning and in many ways form the basis of our individual creativity.

A few years back I spent some time with Satya in his art studio, watching him work and subjectively digging below the surface of the canvas. The ideas Satya shared with me I turned into poetry that I wrote over a short series of photos I had taken in his studio that day.

Last week when I again bumped into him in the village we found a cafe and a couple of hours to catch up what has been happening in our personal journeys over the last couple of years. He showed me photos of some of his recent canvases. I was totally blown away by the progression of his work. The ideas were even more sensitive and expansive than those I had previously converted to verse. There was a change in the light they reflected, a transformation almost, but still carrying that unique Satya de Masson signature.

Satya's art is not only overflowing with a beautiful richness but it has substance and deserves to be gracing the walls of galleries and homes. If you know anyone who may be interested in his style and ethic, feel free to pass this blog onto them.

(Finished piece since sold)

a work in progress


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