One Day in Bli Bli

Last week we stayed with Jo's dad at Bli Bli which is close to where we were working at Yandina. Bli Bli is about eight kilometres from the beach and mainly consists of some remnant sugar cane plantations and rural lifestyle properties. From Jo's dad's house you can look out over the cane fields to Mount Coolum. It gave us the opportunity to go for an ocean swim in the mornings before work and for a surf in the afternoons.

I spent some time with my camera watching the cane fires in the evening and then the cane harvester in action the following morning. Having lived in cane country for large periods of my life the experience filtered back memories. You know the ones, like the smell of freshly mown grass and the Sunday roast sizzling sweet along the pathway to the backyard cricket match. The sounds of the yellow-tailed black cockatoos dining out on the fresh banksia seeds put the finishing touches to the scene.


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