Want to shop ethically and responsibly?

'Dragon fly warming'...  on one of our Hippiastrums
You can download Shop Ethical! 2012 app to your iPhone or Android for $4.90 and check out brand names when you want to make a more informed choice about what you eat and wear. I've been swearing by products that I thought were made by a great Australian company for years. Today I found out that Uncle Tobys are 50% owned by environmental bandits and advocates of child slave labour, who also think that stealing water from the earth's poor and then selling back to them is a good thing. Shame Nestle, shame. Goodbye Uncle Tobys, hello Dick Smith.

Easy to use, a hand held educational tool that makes a difference to people's lives

Shop Ethical! 2012

It is so rewarding for Jo and I to be sitting in our home-made rainforest at this very moment drinking fresh watermelon juice. And knowing that our feathered and four-legged friends can stay on here long after we have sought out life on other planes of existence. Call me green if you like but if it's good enough for Kermit, then it's good enough for me.


  1. Thanks for that Rob. I have just purchased it, and will give it a good run.

    I believe it will be very handy.

  2. Great! Will do.... I had no idea such an even app existed =))


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