Graneo multigrain chips with walnut and maple ice cream - A new taste sensation!!

Graneo and Creme d'Or - a winning combination

I am convinced that some of the greatest discoveries and inventions of mankind are simply stumbled upon while the person was watching for the jug to boil or the phone to ring. For my latest taste sensation it was while waiting for the walnut and maple ice cream I had taken out of the freezer to soften sufficiently so that I could pierce it’s glacial surface with a spoon.
Giles and Ruth were over to a casual meal. Impatiently, while wondering when the ice cream would unfreeze, I took a Graneo, mild chilli flavour, multigrain snack out of the bag to test the compliance of the Creme d’Or walnut and maple ice cream. To my surprise the crisp sliced deep into the surface and came out full and creamy. Our guests suggested I eat it. And with out even a thought of what the combined taste of chilli and walnut and salt and maple might be like, I did.
‘Wow! That was awesome.’ I was totally surprised and couldn’t wait to dig another one in.
Jodie and Giles and Ruth thought, ‘Mmmm, he’s got to be joking.’ But after I’d devoured four or five more ice cream soaked chilli crisps in quick succession, they hesitantly joined in.
And that was dessert taken care of. Between us we finished the whole packet of Graneos and half a tub of Creme d’Or in ten minutes.
So there it is. A new discovery for me at least and an instant dessert when ever friends call in unexpectedly. Just make sure the Graneos are in the kitchen pantry.


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