The Poetry of Art

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A couple of years back Jodie and I were going on a tour of Queensland for the Arts Council with our show 'Speak Up'. An idea came to me that while we were away I could look out for interesting artists, spend time watching their process, talk with them and take photographs of them in their studios. From that experience I thought I might be inspired to write some new poetry. Poetry that came as a result of the exposure to these visual artists, who always impress me with their gift of pinning down what is inside of them (how they view the world) and bringing it outside to share in a medium that is unique to them.

To see how my idea might work with strangers, I called a few artists that I knew in Maleny and one that I didn't know so well, to see if I could practice my project process on them. Peter Hollard, Steve Demasson, Roger Dawson and Marianne Osbourne welcomed me into their studios and their lives and The Poetry of Art was born.

Eventually I put it together in a small Apple computer produced coffee table book which is now locked up with our belongings back home in Maleny. It was a rewarding experience for me in many ways and I would truly like to thank Pete, Steve, Roger and Marianne for trusting me in the way they did.

I never did get around to tracking down artists on our tour and completing this project in the way I thought I might have. But yesterday I thought that what I have is already pretty amazing and I need to share what I found with others who may enjoy it. There is nowhere for it to go or do sitting on my desktop.

So, now I give to the Blogger Universe, 'The Poetry of Art', for your enjoyment. Double click on each photo to enlarge them. (And remember some of these photos are new ideas in progress)


Peter Hollard - 'I remember the backstreets of Europe'

Steve Demasson - Bringing a touch of Paris to Maleny

Marianne Osbourne - 'First there was light... then colour'


  1. very cool art and poetry. What a privileged to have talked with and known these people.


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