Spring Has Sprung in Lausanne

To Never Fade Away

Yesterday, I saw some daffodils
laughing where they played
near the fence
beyond the under road
walk way outside our apartment.

Today, I thought, I must see
if they are equally as radiant
in the early morning light.
And I found them
where I had left them
reflecting in the glory
of a now forgotten
But unlike yesterday,
curious sense was beckoned
on by the rise
in mercury to follow
the pathway down
through the village
towards Lac Leman.
And all this way,
the colour and beauty
although fleeting,
with purity persuaded
me to digitalise their memory
into pixels
for placement
into a higher realm.

Tomorrow, if there be rain,
or cold, or sorrow in the evening,
I can now return with comfort
to days gone before,
and an understanding
of beauty and colour
as a constant reminder
that love never fades
nor diminishes,
but rests with grace
to blossom
again and again.

(c) Robert g. Swales

A shower rose


  1. Your developing a lovely photographer's eye Rob. Some really nice compositions here. Love the way the flowers silently sneak back into the world.


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